Xantos 2.0 R5 Reskinned

Xantos 2.0 after cosmetic surgery

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2.0 R5 (Updated 5 years ago)
April 16, 2017
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sequencer


When I discovered this a few months ago I knew immediately that I would be spending a lot of time with it, so I wanted to make it look pretty. (Sorry, but the basic default GUI elements just don't do it for me.) I hope I did this beauty justice.

The only changes I made under the hood were to add a mute button to each player, and to unscramble some scales names that weren't accurate. Everything else is original.

Thanks to AuReality aka Paul Swennenhuis for bringing this one back!


Lewi Glenis
4 years ago
Hi Robert, thanks for the great look. If you see this, I'm unable to save my own snapshots where the snapshot saves all the changes I make especially to the Player Waveforms I choose. For example, when I mute any of the channels, the Player Waveforms revert to SOFTOB1B.wav. Is there a certain way one has to save their own snapshots?
Robert Pillers
5 years ago
D Vyd & Greg -- I disabled table draw mode because I didn't want to mess up all my snaps by changing stuff. Right click on the table and select table draw mode and you're back in business. Same with the scale sequencer. if you want to enter your own scales. As to documentation, that language came from the original ensemble, I don't know of any documentation other than the info panel.
D Vyd
5 years ago
Robert, thank you for bringing this ensemble to my attention. Like Killmaster, I'm unable to draw in the pitch and gate sequencers on view B, but it does work on the original. I see mention to "online documentation" but cannot find any. Is there any documentation besides the notes in Reaktor's "info" panel?
Greg Killmaster
5 years ago
This is so great, but I find I'm not able to draw in the gate and pitch sequencers in view B like I can in the original ugly Xantos 2.0. I am using Reaktor 6 only though.
5 years ago
Wow! If I could give you 5x5 stars. Thank you.
Brett Lavallee
5 years ago
Nice job, thank you.