The Mountain 1.0.0

A Synthwave Subtractive Synthesizer for 80s inspired sounds

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1.0.0 (Updated 5 years ago)
April 24, 2017
Reaktor 5 or lower


Climb the slope of retro sound design with the 80s inspired synthesiser: The Mountain. This two oscillator subtractive synth is a DeLorean driving through neo-80s paradise, allowing you to craft the sonic equivalent of the most rad mullets. Surf through space with the smooth sounds of detuned saws, resonant filters and a selection of choruses as you gaze upon the neon sunset.
Equipped with virtual vintage effects, 16-step sequencer, analogue drift, variable state filters, Bit Crush and a host of waveforms, The Mountain is the peak of retro inspired synthesis. This synth gives you the tools to craft sonic memories using the Retro module, stacked with cassette, vinyl and game noise before additional tonal sculpting with the four-band parametric EQ. If you’re a beginner learn the ropes with over 40 pre-set configurations spanning Bass, Lead, Poly, Pad and Sequenced patches to speed up the creative process. Built on the Native Instruments Reaktor engine, The Mountain can be seen from Ableton, Logic, Cubase, Pro Tools and a multitude of other DAWs.
The Mountain is designed by Grid Horizon Samples. Based in the UK city of culture 2017 the company specializes in synthwave related products with the aim to bring nostalgia back to your music.
The Mountain runs on Native Instruments Reaktor 5.9 and beyond...

Signal Path: SEQ > Drift > Oscillators 1, 2, Sub and Noise > Mix > LFO > VCF > VCA > EQ > Drive > Crush > Flange > Width > Chorus > Delay.

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Thank you to all the Beta Testers who allowed me to improve this ensemble!


8 months ago
Some great presets in here. Always have kept this beauty over the years.
Uwe Thielker
2 years ago
which drums you used in your audio demo?
Khooshal Naidu
3 years ago
well if you have bought wouln't have such least support the developer who are working hard to suit your needs
4 years ago
Why does it keep telling me i need to buy or activate Reaktor when i Load this VST. It only gives me 30 minutes at a time and i own Reaktor 6... I really dig this synth but need some help getting it working perfectly.
4 years ago
This is what I been lookin for! Thanks!!
james farmer
5 years ago
amazing synth!!!
GG.G SakabeaT
5 years ago
fabuluos man.....i am 12 again ...
Evan Bjork
5 years ago
Does this work on FLStudio?
Jonas Pentzek
5 years ago
Just awesome. Thank you so much!
peter Hurton
5 years ago
Hi Kristofer, the samples are included with the ensemble and discussed in the included manual, check your download for The Mountain and there will be a folder labelled The Mountain Samples. Just load that and you should be good - I hope this helps
Kristofer Dahl
5 years ago
Everytime I start it I get a message saying some extrernal samples cannot be found with a seach path listed that I don't even have on my computer. Anyone know how I can fix that?
John Anderson
5 years ago
Wow! Love it. Your demo track SELLS this thing!
5 years ago
Andrew Madden Can you please name a few more 80's inspired instruments?
5 years ago
thank you.
Andrew Madden
5 years ago
I'm loving that I'm seeing more and more synthwave inspired instruments on here!
peter Hurton
5 years ago
Hi Mary, most the drum sounds in the demo are from our debut sample pack GHS01 (which can be purchased from eBay now), but there is also a snare pre-set for the ensemble which is used too. Thanks for the kind words everyone!
Mary Jean-Philippe
5 years ago
Great sounds & great design! one question: what is the drum in the example?
Stephen Lovesey
5 years ago
I love the look of this, downloading to try.... thanks