Negative harmony MIDI effect

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May 09, 2017
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After watching this very interesting interview with Jacob Collier about music theory: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DnBr070vcNE&t=361s
I found it very interesting to develop a little algorithm which could perform this "negative harmony" transformation to a stream of MIDI data by defining a reflection axis.

Here you will find a more detailed explanation about the concept:

Try it on your MIDI compositions... really refreshing results with minimal effort...



Ian and Tavish Stone
4 weeks ago
So how the heck do you actually use this? It doesn't work as an insert effect or as an instrument in Logic.
Lee Edward
4 years ago
Wow, Levy's work is getting a great resurgence lately. Unless I'm missing something, your transformation is slightly off no? The transposition pivot note is usually between two notes in twelve tone, for example between E and Eb (E half-flat?) in the key of C major. Great stuff all the same!
Jonathan Stubbs
4 years ago
My DAW (DP) has a pitch invert process around a "center" note. Negative Harmony actually "centers" between two adjacent pitches, so the workaround in DP is to create a pitch map. The advantage of this is that I can choose to shift octaves throughout the map to keep notes within a tritone of their original positions (if that's what I want).
Pascal Tatipata
4 years ago
Interesting! Thanks for sharing.