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now 20% less disdain for applied theory

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July 02, 2017
Reaktor 6


this is an update for an fft sine bank resynthesizer that would never been considered for existence if not for the strange and untamed mind of our own jedinhopy xelon. the amount of bandwidth allotted to the sine voices can be altered until only four or five voices remain, leaving a sort of skeletal representation, the maxima of all local maxima. their areas can be made to overlap or to thin out. whatever is left can be smoothed in frequency or amplitude to the tune of forty below, until anything is a poorly executed ill conceived slide guitar. also there is frequency smoothing that varies depending on the distance between successive notes, producing a 303ish sort of constant time glide, to fight against the whole thing becoming a chirpy badly encoded daymare. you have been warned. what use will you dream up for this multi bladed sonic editing power tool? if you're anything like me, you wont, because whats the fun if you're not building m i rite

*fixed: the phase to frequency conversions should now be correct so things are no longer way off


Jedinhopy Xelon
3 years ago
Downloaded right now.