Bento Box modular - with cables

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0.9 (Updated 1 year ago)
July 04, 2017
Reaktor 6
Blocks Patches


-made possible by Salamanderanagram and his wonderful front panel patching library

-Noise Block from Infinite Phi collection by Sandy Small (put into Note In Block to save space)
-Timbre Block from Euro Reakt collection by Michael Hettrick
-synced LFO Block by Mete Adam, with delay modification by someone else

-4 external inputs
-some default internal connections as shown in snapshot 002

The Filter Block can switch between Bento SVF and Modern Paul Filter


will helmke
10 months ago
This is AWESOME!!! by the way thanks so much for all your great work!
will helmke
10 months ago
So here's an idea. How does one now assign, for instance, tactile button control, (Press and hold one button, touch another to make a "connection" between the two) to patch cords together. There has to be a way to make these awesome hardware Sims as easy to control as the hardware itself. If you have any ideas let me Kno
gentleclockdivider .
1 year ago
SOme knobs (most of them ) are not automatable because you didn't sort and compress id's . Sort and compress i'd's ( entire ensemble ) in order to automate the knobs .
gentleclockdivider .
1 year ago
WOOOW . You and of course salamandeanagram ( patch cables ) deserve a standing ovation . Absolutely marvelous . HOpe this brings N.I. to an idea to release a roland system 100 based ensemble .
Olivio Sarikas
1 year ago
AWESOME -Thank you so much!!!!
Eddie Beaumont-Thomas
1 year ago
Nice one Matthias. Thanks,
Rowan Eldritch
1 year ago
Another fine release!
1 year ago
Thanks again!
1 year ago
Thanks. WIll give this a try!