Beatrix Y (+TouchOSC Template)

She Can Do Everything!

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August 06, 2017
Reaktor 6



Beatrix Y - She Can Do Everything!

This one features a 4 channel drum machine, a west coast XYS/Rene sequencer that controls two powerfull oscillators, one modelled after ”system XX” and has a superb and lovely character. The X and Y has seperate gates and clocks, meaning X and Y controlling one oscillator each with its own clock. I suggest you try the X oscillator for basslines and Y for pads, leads, beeps or even lush sounds. The Y ”system XX” oscillator has a delay and beautiful lush metaverb. Abuse it!

There are two seperated filters for the oscillators, X goes into Paul and Y goes into a Fixed Filter Bank (System XX again).

The drum section features; Kevin the kick, Niji Snare, Niji Clap, Niji Hat(s). The Niji Snare is routed to a Euro React reverb called Freeverb. The drum sequence consists of a Seren 16 step sequencer with 4 separated rotary knobs for direction, step numbers and offsets.

Mods are
A Mod - 8 step Bento Box 4 Mods
B Mod - Pink Bento Box LFO

Shout outs:
Marius H. - for making Reaktors finest VCO! and FFB!
David Elson - Kevin the Kick & Seren
Brett - Metaverb
Michael Hetrick - Freeverb
Efflam Le bivic - Beautiful knobs and panels templates

Oh! and did I mention, everything is controlled by iPad too if you wish, TouchOSC template included!
And to have Reaktor send OSC back to the app make sure the Indentifier inside Reaktor is named:
Re Ne Touch

Ps. All sound examples are some presets I made only using and freestyling with Beatrix Y.


/Klas (Sweden)


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10 months ago
Fedor Mihailovich
10 months ago
Thanks, Klas, very interesting and useful setup/combiner!