Orbiter 4MXL - Blocks Build

A very versatile Build based on a unique Sound Concept

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1.0 (Updated 4 years ago)
September 16, 2017
Reaktor 6
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Orbiter 4MXL has a unique sound concept, based on a Noise Generator that is running through a fixed Filterbank and 4 parallel Filters. It can create very versatile sounds, from natural sounds to space pads. It's layout was designed to be intuitive and playful.

This is a special Synth build, that does NOT use any OSCs. Instead it uses a single noise Block as the sound source. This enables this Build to create some very versatile sounds, from natural instruments to space pads and more.

Thank you Brett Lavallee, David Coffin and Glenn Sogge for creating some amazing and wonderful sounds


David Coffin
3 years ago
Ditto, Future Aztec Man!
Aaron Hemeon
4 years ago
Nice to see someone just build with existing modules and make snaps. We need more of this. Thanks.
rodrigo perez-Segnini
4 years ago
Mad Kudos
Quinn Hanratty
4 years ago
Really nice patch, thank you!
4 years ago
Brett Lavallee
4 years ago
Turn up the sample rate if you can handle it.
Bodo Kuznik
4 years ago
Tested ,very good Sounds and Concept. Awesome Work !
David Coffin
4 years ago
A brilliant thing; really changed my whole concept of noise, AND filters—thanks a million!