Side Chain X3

Filters and LFOs for add rhythm on your track.

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2.0 (Updated 3 years ago)
September 28, 2017
Reaktor 6
Effect Filter


V2.0 27/11/17

-Block Compatible
-New graphic design
-Cpu improvements (2.2 at 48khz, 3.8 for the V1)
-Add mix fader and bypass button (on the left : the sidechain title and the 3 colors fader)
-New LFO based on the round LFO modified with new waveform and PW control for the saw, ramp and pulse wave.
-Ext modulation inputs control by the mix (int/ext) knob in the LFO section.
-Gate and reset.
-3 additionnal outputs for use LFOs without the filter section.
Enjoy !

V1.0 28/09/17
ins. + ex. ens.

I made this effect basically for create "sidechain LP" effect on synth tracks.
I extend the concept with a HP filter and a band shelve eq. 3 classic multiwave LFO (with many cross modulation) drive this 3 band EQ/filter, for create some polyrhytmic effects.
It's very simple to use and very efficient, for quickly create new groove on your pad, bass, kick/bass, hit hat, synth bus etc...

ps : Full custom parameter names for easy automation in your DAW... i'm happy to have discovered this function ! :)



Artem Moroz
7 months ago
Thank You
Epsilon Coma
2 years ago
! Wow...the modulation and rouintg options make this small form factor multi-filter really powerful and make it easy to come up with some interesting grooves. And thanks a lot for adding the option to make the lfo's uni or bipolar!
2 years ago
Really great stuff Petty ! I'm happy you like this block and happy to hear the result :) Don't hesitate to use my other block, the micro tilt V2, at the end of your ensemble, for add a great finish on your tracks, a kind of "glue" one knob eq specialy designed for this kind of experiment :)
Petty Vendetta
2 years ago
sounds good. Check it:
Petty Vendetta
2 years ago
hot damn! dit jus da ting. tanks
Aaron Hemeon
3 years ago
3 years ago
Thank you !
yasuyoshi aoki
3 years ago
good job! thanks!
Brett Lavallee
3 years ago
Thanks, everything looks great.