Envelope-Morphed-Waveform, 8-Step/Ramp FM Synth

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Tom Jarvis
1.4 (Updated 2 years ago)
September 28, 2017
Reaktor 6


This synth is an 8-Step/8-Ramp, poly synth. Each point in the waveform is modulated by the corresponding control envelope which allows the waveform to be modified across the time domain in great detail.

This is handily represented by the meters which allow easy visualisation of the waveform.

Additionally there are the options to use this waveform as the modulator to various simple oscillators allowing detailed and complex FM control.

I have included small notes where possible to attempt to help you understand the thought process behind the design and the interface - it is admittedly quite daunting at first! At the moment, I am not classing this as complete, instead I hope to generate some feedback and let the Reaktor community help me turn it into something much more powerful.

I will do my best to update on a semi regular basis and list the updates here:
1.0 -- First Upload

1.1 -- Added Pitch control of FM carrier to allow greater control.

1.2.1 -- Added version history text box. Swapped pitch control knobs for menus. Changed Element Locations. Added Macros for clearer internal structure. Added annotations so users can hover over items for description.
Also fixed the stupid issue where Octave shifts actually shifted it by a semitone instead of an octave.

1.3 -- Fixed bug where amp sustain did not work.
- added More control options for FM depth, including modwheel assignable knob, and velocity control.
- Added a filter with modulation options where it can be controlled by any of the control oscillators, or the setting deactivated.
- Added polyphonic voice control with a small detune. Now synth has the option of 1 or 3 voices.
-Added Audio Ordeal Logo
- Added low shelf, two band EQs, and High Shelf EQ
- Graphical Tweaks
- added scope
- Fixed Volume
- Cleaned up internals

1.4 -- Made the scope follow the lowest input pitch
- Updated annotations


Tom Jarvis
2 years ago
This is a nightmare, I might have to restart and delete this thread, and re-upload as a fresh instrument
Rick Duff
2 years ago
still not available where is QA?
David Coffin
2 years ago
Sounds really interesting; hope you can fix this strange upload issue!
2 years ago
Tom, please re-upp your ensemble. There is no file on:
Diego Callegari
2 years ago
Greg Killmaster
2 years ago
still 404 not found for me
Tom Jarvis
2 years ago
Should be fixed
Eduard Rojas
2 years ago
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2 years ago
Tom, please re-up your file in a compress form (rar/zip). This is a 404 error.
Joe Lyford
2 years ago
download link appears broken This URL returns a 404 error.