Micro Tilt EQ

Emulation of the Tonelux Tilt EQ plugin

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2.0 (Updated 3 years ago)
September 28, 2017
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- Cpu improvement : 2.6 for the V1, 1.4 for the V2 on my computer.
- I removed the mono section (i keep this for another ins.).
- Added L and R phase invert separate.
- Block format and one input for modulation (A mod)
- New graphic design (use A/B panel for white or black design)

This eq is now very usuable in many configuration : studio applications, blocks ensemble... really efficient in the final stage of your ensemble. In your DAW, you can use the mod input with a Util note in and an Env for example, and write manually with midi track some sidechain effect.

Have a nice day !



I tried to recreate the sound of the Tilt eq plugin. I'm really happy with the result, i love this kind of equalizer, very musical and versatile.
I added pictures of the spectrogram frequency response.



Artem Moroz
7 months ago
Thank You!!!
1 year ago
love it!
3 years ago
It's the control for the mod A :) You can connect for example an enveloppe drive by gate signal or LFO for modulate the Tilt or loud function.
Philippe Loiseau
3 years ago
What is actually the effect of the outer ring ?
Aaron Hemeon
3 years ago
Used this in a production, excellent. Noticed that the graphic for "instrument browser" doesn't show up. Would be nice to have that working since the plugins look so good.
3 years ago
Thanks for the idea Brett ! Use A/B panels to have two different size in one ins. , i did not think about it... :) I would try to implement a/b mod but i dont have enough knowledges for translate complex value in hertz, db, pitch, (like i use for the knob value now), in the core cell... the next step.
Brett Lavallee
3 years ago
Really impressive, thanks for sharing. Don't forget you can use the A/B panels on the title bar to have two different gui layouts on the same instrument, if you want.