add Skrewell Flucius

sKrewell derivate with Equal Tuning & slowdown on Flucius

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2.0 (Updated 7 months ago)
September 28, 2017
Reaktor 6


Always start the clock at Skrewell Flucius
Add a slowdown version with extracts from aero by Roberto Norris

1. select a snap or click sNap.
2. if desired, randoMize.
3. if desired, adjust the randoMation controls to "guide" the randomation.
4. let sKrewell reMix play itself or drag in the large xy pad to (help) play it.
make sure the randomator is working. (it stops sometimes.) the sPeed knobs should be turning. if not, turn the audio button in the reaktor toolbar off then on.
rachMiel 12/2005

snapshots 2007
add random params & some ssf more 2017 (16 onBoard and 6 more)
if randoMation is on stagnation press globals button (bottom left in red area) on/off/on or similar

thanks to laZYfiSh, rachMiel, salamanderanagram, Colin Brown, Peter Dines

Randomation 1, 3, 5 and 7 control Equal Tuning steps and roots.
This four faders are Snap Isolated.


Brian Kraushaar
6 months ago
1 year ago
Jairo, I'm an audio freak only. No vids here.
1 year ago
Absolutly amazing! Unlimited variations ever evolving. Thanks! Do you have videos explainig the internals of your designs?
Marc McNulty
1 year ago
Correction of my error: Paule, this is an excellent mod-morph-advancement of sKrewell. Thank you, Marc.
Marc McNulty
1 year ago
Rick, this is an excellent mod-morph-advancement of sKrewell. Thank you, Marc.
Nick Petty
1 year ago
Ian Proshkovskyi
1 year ago
OMG!!! awesome thing!
Kimmo Kivelä
1 year ago
Maybe best random instrument Ive heard. Thanks!
marco vicari
1 year ago
Wild Thing! Danke, Paule!
Rick Scott
1 year ago
Very yummy! Thanks for digging this up and giving it new life, Paule.
1 year ago
D Vyd, try to set globals to off
D Vyd
1 year ago
This ensemble produces interesting, constantly varying strange sounds, seemingly from an energetic alien life form. Pressing "record" is like taking a field recording on another planet. Is there a way to freeze the current settings so that the sounds repeats with less variation?
1 year ago
Thank you Paule
1 year ago
excellent :) Chaos in my speakers !
1 year ago
great !!