Trinity Blocks Ensemble

its getting chaotic, but still lovely/sweet loopholes

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2.3 (v1.1 and v2.0 are included) (Updated 5 years ago)
October 02, 2017
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tip: start song from startposition to get things sync more quickly. (64x4th notes can be a long time)

v2.3 provides less chaotic and more straight delayed sequences

all 3 audio recordings were done with a single instance of trinity
2.0 is still the simple setup and the midi-quantize-delay blocks aren`t perfect. but exactly that`s turning this ensemble into a endless slightly changing loophole maschine.

Still one Sequencer to rule them all. use the quantize blocks offset knobs for genereting chords or complex melodies. use the quantize blocks delay knobs for rhythmical changes. the delay for pitch and gate are two different devices, which opens a wide range of rhytmical melody mayhem in tune to the scale.

Thanks to Sandy Small for his Cascade Filter
Thanks to Efflam le Bivic for his PCKP again
Thanks to Michael Hettrick for his Final Out block
Thanks to Studio Bird for the Micro Series EQ
Thanks to NI for all the awesome Kodiak Stuff

but why 4 OSC if its called Trinity?
but... but... this goes to eleven :)
have fun

Tips if your CPU ist too weak:
- delete the EQ (its a hard hitter)
- delete the 4th Lane of curve/quantize/DualityOsc and make it a Trinity again

-some more snaps
-1 missing connection fixed

-added 4 aux sends to the mixer. (primary)
-new effect routing:
Send1: Chorus
Send2: Freq.Shifter
Send3: Rounds Delay
Send4: Rounds Reverb
-added 2 PCKP devices (+bypass buttons)
-modified the quantize modules. they have now a tempo synced delay which is the highlight of 2.0. (primary)

-removed connections between curve sequencers and mod a/b of the quantize module
(just connect them again, if you want more chaotic delay sequences)
-added 3 sandy small cascade filters. each duality osc got a unique routing.
- added a bypass for the cascade filters
- lots of tiny changes/improvements


Dee M
6 months ago
It´s a great Sound Generator. Amazing! Thanks a lot.
Thala Estra
5 years ago
spooky stuff, paule!
5 years ago
In 3 trax are some music from Trinity Blocks. Thanks Thala
yasuyoshi aoki
5 years ago
Pete Kelly
5 years ago
Very good, has got me thinking about how to use such sequencers.
5 years ago
Very nice sounds :) 32% @48khz.
Thala Estra
5 years ago
just wanted to add some grid, but putting the ensemble on 24kHz gives a nice charme and some CPU :)
Bob Swans
5 years ago
This sounds really nice. Thanks It hits 23.5% @48khz for me :)