16 Step Random Pattern Generator


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0.1 (Updated 19 years ago)
May 24, 2001
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sequencer


A 16 step random pattern generator with the following features:* Low cpu drain.* Randomize patterns via an Event In* Clock to increment sequence steps* Individual outs for each bit* Reset feature* Ability to select which bit will be randomized* Good for random drum patches* Gate out only. No note values involved.I got Reaktor recently, and was annoyed that there was no good random pattern generator available. I expect to make another similar one soon for note values. I'm very proud of this module and hope that you find it useful.I will upload an example random drum patch to go along with this. Download it if you need inspiration. Have fun!!Sincerely, - Bret Truchan


Haris Custovic
13 years ago
cool stuff ;)