JoWa Wavelet Library

Modular Wavelet Library

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1.0.0 (Updated 4 years ago)
October 15, 2017
Reaktor 6


- Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) using polyphase (faster) FIR filter banks
- Wavelet Transform based on the lifting scheme (lower latency and cpu consumption)
- Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Transform (based on two DWT trees)
- Inverse Transform for "perfect reconstruction" (except rounding errors)
- More than hundred wavelets. orthogonal (equal power) and bi-orthogonal (linear phase)
- Flexible tree control. Every node can be bypassed via event signal.
From dyadic to packet and anything in between.
- In-Place transformation into the audio stream. "One wire" for the spectral data per transformation.
- Latency sum for compensation
- Delay compensation for unused/bypassed filter-nodes
- Frequency ordered spectral bands
- Modular cascade-able design
- Documented and Tested
- Tutorial included

What is different to other projects?
Other project have already showed, that it is possible to do wavelet transformation within Reaktor.
JoWa is done from scratch and with design for modularity, reusability and readability in mind.

Two other projects dealing with wavelets in Reaktor:
"salamanderanagram" showed with "Reaktor Wavelet Project", that the dual-tree complex wavelet transform can be done in Reaktor. Great functioning ensemble with a nice spectral display.

"Blok Dak" has a nice "64ch. Wavelet Playground" to play with different settings.


luke whealing
3 years ago
Look.. i dont have time to pick up rubbish AND clean up bird POOP and work out what this does... maybe you could help dumb people out like me and jusy say it ?
andrew aronson
4 years ago
now this is the business! tried some phase vocoding type stuff immediately. did not even mind latency because because things got distorted it was not so in a 'why is everything made of tin and sound like hatred'. more like highly correlated answering machine decoding reduction, but in the matrix. cheers!