Charly Beck's RealPan

Panning with HighShelf EQ and Delay to simulate real environ

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1.6 (Updated 1 year ago)
October 29, 2017
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Instead of just using gain control to pan a signal like in classic pan controls, the RealPan modulates a HighShelf EQ and a Delay to supply a natural sounding pan. This sounds pretty nice on signals with low frequencies because the low frequencies will stay always in center - just high frequencies will be panned. This preserves the energy of the signal to stay in center. Additionally some kind of doppler effect using a delay makes the pan even more impressing.

The Pan Knob controls the left/right position of the signal.

The delay knob controls how many doppler effect is applied by controlling the pan.

The gain reduction knob controls how many gain reduction is applied by controlling the pan.

The "Wide" knob allows to add an extra portion of the side signal by controlling the pan.

The Eq knob allows to add a high shelf eq by controlling the pan.

The freq knob allows to modify the cutoff frequency of the high shelf eq.

The freq mod knob allows to modify the cutoff frequency relative to the pan control.

The q knob allows to control the eq q value.

Stay tuned: I'll add a swapmode soon which allows you modulate from left to right including fliping left & right channel.

Version History:
2017-10-29: 1.0: Initial Version
2017-11-01: 1.1: Added 'Wide' Knob
2017-11-01: 1.2: Added 'FreqMod' Knob
2017-11-01: 1.3: On-Off-Bugfix, Improved builtin Presets.
2017-11-01: 1.4: Crackle-Bugfix.
2017-11-02: 1.5: Added Lfo1+Lfo2
2017-12-14: 1.6: Fixed 'FreqMod' Knob (Inverted behaviour)


Charly Beck
1 year ago
Thanks for your comments. Be sure to checkout the latest version with the "Wide" Button...
1 year ago
cool !
Colin Brown
1 year ago
Very nice!
1 year ago
... and I like the simple good functional preset idea
1 year ago
It's a pretty other sound feeling, Charly. Thanks
Charly Beck
1 year ago
Thats a pretty good idea. Thanks.
Thala Estra
1 year ago
thank you very much! would it be possible to modify this for Stereofield widening?