Logic Generative Foldbeat

generative techno system

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1.6 (Updated 5 years ago)
November 11, 2017
Reaktor 6
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generative techno system

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Sequencers replaced by quantizers, i will include the sequencers old version also in the zip


Stepped random LFO and gate switches for easy routing added
Check ensemble's info for logic router's destinations


Octave adder and example snapshots added

* * *

Start from patch INIT 1 or INIT 2


If all LOGIC ROUTER buttons are at "1"

you have:

Channel 1 of the clock divider is for KICK and acts as a constant steady beat
Channel 2 is for adding variation via the KICK PROB block (at 100% no gates, -100% all gates)
Channels 3 and 4 is the same for SNARE
Channels 5 and 6 are used to drive the sequencers via SEQ LOGIC block and probabilities, so it depend with your setting how they drive the sequencers exactly ( check the wiring! )

CLAP needs probability B from KICK PROB and CYMBAL from SNARE PROB
All Drums and OSC 1 and 2 at probability 100% will mute except KICK and SNARE

Turn ARP buttons on and off to transpose the sequences with the octave adder for each OSC
Turn LPG on / off buttons to start / stop the pinging of LPG 1&2

Try different combinations of resets from the CLOCK

When you navigate through patches regularly restart the clock because when you have a divider UP mode patch and meets a DOWN mode patch during the transition the count is lost.

Out of CPU i run it at 33kHz don't know how it sounds at normal sample rates

Extra careful with the Fold block its actually the master out


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Demetriades Panos
4 years ago
for mac unrar with Keka
Demetriades Panos
5 years ago
Greg Killmaster
5 years ago
I'm getting "Not Found" for version 1.4 upload.
Demetriades Panos
5 years ago
The ensemble is just an example. 1,2 in divider is for kick 2,3 is for snare in general, change these to get more variations. But in the current setting you will have always the kick playing 1/4 and snare 1/8 with probability at -100% so the beat stays steady then start adding probability
D Vyd
5 years ago
This is another fun ensemble. Thank you. I really like snapshot #3 (B,G#,G, C1 #3) because the kick is a bit more complex. Can you explain your thinking behind the wiring of the Kick Logic and Snare Logic. How do you get what sounds like double and triple kicks in snapshot #3?