Silverbird Live for Reaktor 6 Mac users

non crashing version

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dunno, the latest (Updated 2 years ago)
December 10, 2017
Reaktor 6
Instrument Sequencer


i have done nothing else, than just opening it in Reaktor 6 VST on a Win7 PC and "saved as" it again.
it seems it doesn`t crash now anymore for Mac users.

feedback would be appriciated... if this works, windows user can "convert" some of the crashing ensembles for our mac buddies :P

have fun, here is the original link:

1000 thanks again to Andre Goc and everybody else who worked on silverbird!


Marco Tamburini
1 year ago
I have a problem utilizing Silverbird; I found the command "Silverbird Live:Button" mapped to MIDI note 52. This command (an E note on my keyboard) looks to stop or run the most of the sequencer of Silverbird; but where is this command on the Silverbird GUI? This just because I erased that MIDI command (I want to play every E on my keyboard withour stopping Silverbird) but now Silverbird does not run (always leaving the Reaktor transport running in standalone mode). So which command is "Button" on Silverbird and where I can find it?
Thala Estra
2 years ago
Hey Phil, thats easy: right click on the remix button and choose ->Midi & OSC learn. push your hardware button. done :)
Phil Price
2 years ago
Thank you for this and the other incarnations. I love playing with these tools. I especially like the 'Remix' switch. However, I have not yet figured out how to automate it. Is that even possible? It is a great feature and I would love to be able to use automation to activate it.
Gustavo Elizondo
2 years ago
Interesting to hear that Mac users cannot open old ensembles. I have downloaded and tried out many old uploads and everything runs fine in my Windows 10 workstation. Perhaps it could be interesting to make a list of ensembles to "convert" to reaktor 6 and just reupload some.
2 years ago
If I use the Snapshot Manager (side B) with Morph got an Event-Loop warning to module: Snapshot. So set EVENT LOOPS to Enable in instrument properties Function.
michael möschler
2 years ago
Geiles Teil! Das muß ich mir mal näher anschauen (I have to dive in). Vielen Dank! :)
Greg Killmaster
2 years ago
Seems to have gotten broken for me with updating to OSX High Sierra. But this upload fixes it here.
Irene Wiley
2 years ago
Wow!!!!! I'm totally in Love with The Silverbird Live!!! This is like a Merry Christmas for my Production!!! "Thala" You and your team are a Genius!!Thank You!!!
David Coffin
2 years ago
Broken ensembles fixed always welcome, thanks! …but fwiw this one wasn't broken for me, on my Mac.
Thala Estra
2 years ago
hey everybody, since greg and me worked it out, it would be interesting if this works for everybody. feedback appreciated. if yes, i will upload more broken ensembles for you mac users. if not, i can do this with less work via mail with greg. 14 downloads and no feedback so far... c'mon lazy folks!
Greg Killmaster
2 years ago
Thank you for doing this! Most appreciated...