The Howler V2

Spectral harmonic distortion reverb

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2 (Updated 4 months ago)
January 15, 2018
Reaktor 6
Effect Distortion


The Howler will take your music and sing along from the dark. Strange and hard to control, but undeniably beautiful.
If you're ready to witness some wild and vibrant harmonics reverberate through your mix, take "The Howler" for a spin.

1.1: Named in/outputs correctly, added thumbnail

2.0: Added "Fog" parameter for more diffusion,
Added Lowpass to isolate lower harmonics
Added "Wander" parameter to shift harmonics over time
Unified "B" view and exposed more parameters


Martin Blasko
3 months ago
This is so, so good. Simple and effective. I love cranking whatever in it and see what wolf comes up with.
Claude S.
3 months ago
You should make this a block! :)
Petri Suhonen
3 months ago
This it totally awesome! This should be in every ambient, chill-out and soundtrack producers arsenal!
jace cavacini
6 months ago
This is an interesting effect. Thanks for sharing it.
10 months ago
Nopog by Brett is the third in the first row
10 months ago
Is it a friend of Nopog?