4-Band Spectral Multi-Effect

4-Bands with their own chorus, delay, freq.shift, and pan

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January 30, 2018
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Effect Multi-Effect


This is very early alpha proof-of-concept, simply wiring together a bunch of in-built stuff in Primary. It's also my first "real" attempt at something useful.
I'm making this to replace a Spectral Autopan VST effect I have, that is old and 32-bit and corrupts and crashes projects in my 64-bit DAW (Reaper, in my case)
It occurred to me that spectral effects processing could be a lot of fun beyond merely panning, so I whipped this up.
The signal flow is currently Freq. Shift -> Chorus -> Pan -> Delay. Not sure if it'll stay that way, but ultimately I'd LIKE to have user-defined routing, tho I really have no idea how to accomplish that.
Yes, the UI is pug ugly right now. Yes, it has high CPU usage.
I'd be happy to accept any help in optimizing this sucker, and furthermore simply cutting out the bits I need from each module I used into a new and more betterer and cleaner setup.
Also, I would REALLY like to add a display showing how the various frequencies are panning, as in the VST I got the idea from. Again, I have no idea how to do this.
I intend to increase the number of freq. bands to 5, maybe 10; but frankly I've never really found much use for anything beyond 3 or 4 bands, which is why I set it up with 4 (this time)


Vaughn Stegeman
6 months ago
@Christophe tessa Thanks. I got lost at: A) trying to create a filter that meets the actual needs I'm looking for (my implementation here sucks) B) The UI (horrible) Still thinking about it, but not sure how to proceed. I very well may need help to get this to where I WANT it to be.
christophe tessa
1 year ago
nice work , keep going !