very simple compressor

A basic compressor as an example for a forum discussion.

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February 01, 2018
Reaktor 6
Effect Dynamics


A basic compressor as an example for a forum discussion. Michael asked on the forum about how to build a compressor, so I've posted a brief explanation of how this works, but the file was too big for the forum, hence the upload here.

It might still be useful, but it's no subtle studio compressor, more of a stomp box squisher type of thing - and even that's being generous.

Comments and suggestions welcome :)


Didier Michel Joomun
1 year ago
Thanks. Will download and try. Thanks also for the link to the forum!
Colin Brown
4 years ago
Hi Rick, thanks for the ego boost 8¬) The link to the discussion:
michael o'hagan
4 years ago
You're the best, Thank you for showing me this.
Rick Scott
4 years ago
What's the link to the forum discussion please?
Rick Scott
4 years ago
Thank you for this, Colin, one of the master UL Reaktor programmers. :-)
Philippe Loiseau
4 years ago
Could this be a starter for a comp Block ? :-) Not so much choice in that area…
4 years ago
Thanks Colin.