Geetar 1.1a MOD + Hammerings + MPE

interesting for non-MPE-User too

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1.0b (Snapshots) (Updated 2 years ago)
February 03, 2018
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First of all (Thanks to):
The Creator of the Physical Modelling Original Ensemble is Chet Singer
The "MOD" was done by Yerry Feldstein
The original MPE Legato Block was done by Gustavo Elizondo

Whats different?
ModWheel needs to be feeded with MPE-Typical CC74 instead of CC1.

for non-MPE users: using a normal midi keyboard will result in a monophonic Instrument, while beeing able to use the different Legato Modes for Tapping, Hammerings and PullOffs. Use Midi Channel 2-9.

MPE users: you can just play it like any other MPE instrument now. But if you want to have access to the Legato(Hammering)Mode you need to send multiple notes per midichannel (2-9) somehow (try overlapping channel 2-4 in the note in block?). or set your MPE device into normal Midi mode and use the Legato/Hammering mode monophonic (one string)

Linnstrument (and maybe other) Users:
set your Linny into ChannelPerRow Mode(Channel 2-9). you have won the jackpot and have a 8 string guitar with 8 Legato Voices now :)
on top you can use the normal MPE mode, like all MPE users, if you set your Linny to ChannelPerNote Mode.

Whats NEW beside MPE?
-Legato mode (retrigger -> Tappings)
-Legato mode is switchable via Velocity. (does not work 100% perfect, but its useable)

-be carful with velocity modulations on the exciter if you plan to play hammerings as well
-deactivate Geetars internal Pitchbend and use the Pitchbendrange of the Note In Block


Matthew Babineaux
5 months ago
Any tips on how to turn it back into a polyphonic non-MPE synth? I made a bunch of basses with this, but really would love to play them polyphonically through my controller..
Bob Schrei
2 years ago
Thank You for this MPE version, Perfect!!!!
yerry feldstein
2 years ago
is necessary and useful ... Thank you!