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October 17, 1999
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Other


Studio Shell (approx. 800 k) StudioShell is an Ensemble for the multitimbral use of Reaktor with MIDI. It includes a usefull environment for this purpose with an audio adder, a nice delay effect, a mastering section with compressor, EQ and filter, and a tapedeck for capturing the audio sum. Seven different synths are included: - Gonzzo lite: a four-channel drum sample player with various parameters (play on C4, D4, E4, F4) - Tomtomizer: a three-channel synth for (electronic) tom sounds (play on F#4, G#4, A#4) - Frumbo: a simple but very punchy FM bass synth - moomphoog: some sort of Minimoog emulation with three oscs, FM, and a 24/48 dB filter - SimpSamp: a simple and all-purpose sample player - Triptonizer lite: a reworked version of the Triptonizer graintable synth - Vibronizer: a nice synth with Wave Set Synthesis (aka Wavetable Synthesis) Every synth has a small "channel strip" for mixing and some presets. P/G inputs are not yet available – sorry for that, but stay tuned for updates. Made on an Apple Powerbook G3/266. Enjoy. ugh


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