21st Century EQ with a 70s Soul ... and keytracking!

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1.0 (Updated 5 months ago)
February 25, 2018
Reaktor 6
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NUVO EQ is a 3 Band Mono EQ for Reaktor Blocks and my modern take on a well known British Class-A Equalizer, that was designed in the 1970s. Frequency response and behaviour have been carefully emulated, to retain the characteristics of the original. All signal processing is done in Core. Performance and functionality have been optimized for the Blocks framework.

If you're looking for a standalone version for mixing and mastering check out NUVO 2074.


- +/- 12 dB of gain on all bands
- proportional Q design (= Q narrows at higher gain values)
- variable frequency on the low and mid band, high band is fixed at 12kHz
- low and high band are switchable between shelf and bell curve
- Keytracking lets the mid band follow the root note of your music
- gain knobs can be modulated
- click on the label to bypass all processing

If you have any questions or feedback feel free to message me in the forum :)

--- Version History ---
v1.0: removed DC filter

v0.65: added keytracking for the mid band, internal optimizations

v0.6: new visuals, replaced frequency selector buttons with knobs, high & low band are now switchable between shelf & bell, Q values at +/- 12dB are now identical to NUVO 2074, internal optimizations

v0.51: fixed a bug in the bypass function

After nearly two weeks of testing and research, the pieces are starting to come together. I've spent countless hours analysing and comparing the frequency response and behaviour of every natively available software emulation, digging through official specifications, schematics and manuals and watching interviews with the designer himself. So I'm really happy to release...

...v0.5 aka the 'Halfway there!'-update
- completely reworked internal structure and filter behaviour that is even closer to the sound and behaviour of the original hardware
- gain range has been adjusted to +/- 12dB for all bands to make modulation control easier
- bypass control has been smoothed to reduce audible artifacts

v0.4: - skipped -
v0.31: added bypass switch
v0.3: added A/B Mod, internal & visual optimizations
v0.22: implemented signal smoothing to prevent audible artifacts, that were especially apparent while adjusting the low frequency gain
v0.21: renamed to 'NUVO EQ', build parity with NUVO 2047, color adjustments, internal optimizations
v0.15: further finetuning of frequency response and gain settings, internal optimizations
v0.1: initial release


1 year ago
Danke Robert
Philippe Loiseau
1 year ago
Good to see the NUVO family regularly getting on.
1 year ago
@thala thanks for the feedback :) I'll release a bypass-update on the weekend. You'll then be able to toggle the module on and off by clicking on the label. I'm also thinking about limiting the gain range to +/-12 for alle three bands. This should make it a bit more easier to modulate them.
Thala Estra
1 year ago
Thanks a lot @krabbencutter! if you are still working on it: add a bypass button please :)
Philippe Loiseau
1 year ago
OK, will have a look tonight
1 year ago
@Philippe there's an update waiting for you ^_^ Let me know, if you find any bugs or issues.
Philippe Loiseau
1 year ago
@krabbencutter : great ! And thanks for sharing.
1 year ago
@Philippe thanks for your comment! This project started just a couple days ago as a lucky accident :D I plan to implement more features, including A/B mod, once I'm more comfortable with the blocks framework & template. I'm working on some new stuff for Nuvo 2047 right now and am also looking at ways to optimize my building process, so I can maintain 2047 and the blocks version more easily.
Philippe Loiseau
1 year ago
very good addition ! Strangely, not so much EQ blocks available in the UL. No A/B mod.; Just for now or did you find it unnecessary for an EQ ?