Snare Builder v1.0

Synthesize a range of custom snare drum samples.

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6.2.1 (Updated 3 years ago)
February 26, 2018
Reaktor 6


Shape the tonality of each part of your snare drum with controls for the transient, the body tone, and the brightness and tightness of the snares themselves. There is also a resonator to model the metallic tone of an acoustic snare drum body, with pitch and envelope control. Includes presets to get started. With compression (thanks to Salamander Anagram at, overdrive, and 3-band EQ to phatten it up. Yellow knobs from the La-Bas pack by user Paule.
This is my first Reaktor ensemble so please let me know if there are functionality issues, bugs, etc.


Artur Nowak
10 months ago
If I would just hear the snare sounds I could bet they are acoustic samples. Sounds very realistic! I'm going to explore this instrument further and create snare sounds that I hear in my head ;-) Thank you Jackson, great job!
Daniel Hogan
2 years ago
Looking good
Robert Gibson
2 years ago
This is awesome!
Jackson Hale
3 years ago
Thanks guys. You're right, thanks for pointing that out. Fixed!
3 years ago
thanks for sharing this ... found a bug: the filter of the left snare noise source is not working... I had a look and it misses the "hidden" filter on/off switch in the macro "Snares 2 > SnaresFilter" Cheers Sufo
3 years ago
Jackson, please compress your upload with zip or rar. I like the yellow knobs on purple bg. Thanks