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First play-about w Cloudlab 200T V2

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March 15, 2018
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First fiddlings with this Instant Legend—THANK YOU, Trevor! Noticed an odd thing with one of the Tutorial snaps (#006—and ONLY that one—switches my sidebar to Bank 1, even though it does switch the settings and sound to the right snap). So I decided to make an instrument-level bank, and then noticed that this has the acknowledged bug that many blocks also have: New banks can't be saved to. I'd heard of a fix (load the bank with any .ssf file, delete the snaps, and now it'll save), this worked, so I proceeded to fill it, just randomly toying with knobs through #84 (Abnormal xx), then actually read the excellent manual and started working with the B panel, using mostly the Abnormal osc and only one mixer channel. Snaps post #84, and all Borderlands snaps respond to MIDI input (transpose). And 003 to 007 step through sequencers steps with each MIDI gate.

Then I remembered that all the original snaps are ensemble-level, and these don't work if loaded there, decided to post these anyway, hoping others will, too! At either level…

So, these NEED to be loaded into an instrument bank, which you'll need to create first. And to access by clicking on the instrument, not the background, with Follow Instrument Selection checked in the Snapshot sidebar dropdown menu.


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