Dark Star 2 Maschine mod

Maschine NKS FX compatible version of Dark Star 2

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2.1 (Updated 3 years ago)
March 18, 2018
Reaktor 6
Effect Delay based


This is posted with full permission from Bryan Lake, the original designer. It's just a mod that enables Dark Star 2 to function as an FX processor in Maschine including all the controls mapped to knobs and additional support files to enable it to function like a NKS library (thumbnails, database entry etc). Had to change automation IDs and make a few changes to snapshots for this to work. It also includes my Singularity addon bank built in (ie another 60 snaps). Thanks to Bryan for this awesome fx ensemble. One of the best!


Greg (Empty Vessel) Cole
3 years ago
damn, this is gold! Thanks so much for putting the NKS port work in. :)
Stephen Wey
3 years ago
Now also working in Komplete Kontrol 2 as an NKS effect
Thala Estra
3 years ago
Thanks a lot!
Bálint Baráth
3 years ago
Thanks for sharing!!!