Phase Four Sequencer (Bitwig 2.3 users)

Go modular with phase 4

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0.1 (Updated 1 year ago)
March 18, 2018
Reaktor 6
Instrument Sequencer


Open Bitwig, open phase 4, click on note effects and insert reaktor as an effect - inside Reaktor open Phase 4 sequencer.

Try with random mode playback in the sequencer known/shown as "!?" and you'll have a nice modular starting point. Enjoy!


Thala Estra
1 year ago
i swear, i have used the enter button to get some structure into the long text. :(
Thala Estra
1 year ago
hey klas, thanks for posting this. since bitwig is "mpe compatible", or lets say: doesn`t care about the incoming midichannel, you can easy drop multiple mono-sequencer setups like this, at the same time into reaktor and just send them to different midi-channels to generate chords/polyrhythms and so on too. bitwig will merge them anyway atm. and dropping the seq into the note slot opens up phase4's main input (the + in front of phase4) nicely for stunts like this: this works for everything (all fancy blocks included). i really like to see more ideas! since i often find myself to just use reaktor OR bitwig. or just let reaktor do its job in bitwig. so i`d be happy about any triggers, to get remebered how powerful a marriage of bitwig+reaktor@samplerate can be. sadly it takes some extra steps to setup... have a nice monday evening!