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uuh, CloudLab—Can't quit you…

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March 23, 2018
Reaktor 6
Other Sounds


A bank about FM and Skew in the Abnormal Osc, mods coming from A and B in the Dual Osc, via the Curve processor. And after #038, with the Seq in play, speed mod-ed from the Conv Mod Osc. All respond to key input to some extent, and often very tiny movements of the Ab FM knobs, very nearly off—and of the Dual and Curve controls in between—make a big difference.

But they're mostly long, long, self-playing, self-shifting moodscapes…no interference needed.
All, again, INSTRUMENT, not ensemble, snaps; see previous posts with CL ver2 snaps from me.
Trevor…jeez; this thing does me in! Thank you.

The snap names are intended, hopefully, to describe/remind-of basic setups…

…I hope more CloudLab acolytes will start sharing snaps, so I can get some more starting points. TIA!


jace cavacini
1 year ago
Sorry about my useless comment. I seem to have figured out what I was doing wrong. Thanks!
jace cavacini
1 year ago
Um... these don't seem to do anything.
David Coffin
3 years ago
One in the first snap (A into 258A CV In), not mentioned in the snap name, then another in Snap 15 as in the name: RS&S 39 4 dpc Key 5 266C>256C>292A. Didn't disconnect either through the whole bank.
3 years ago
David, in how many modules you connect the slow randomizers?