Cloudlab Ab Metals

Pulsed klank bank. Dual-sequencer bank.

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April 04, 2018
Reaktor 6
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Started with a metallic sound from the Abnormal osc (#092 from, plugged Seq A pulse into the Quad Action Gen so I wouldn't have to hit a key to hear changes, and made more metallics. Cloned that bank intending to focus on sequencing the same snaps, hooking Seq B CV 1 to the Ab osc's Mod Index CV input…then got distracted and just let the sounds lead me anywhere.

Instrument-level banks as usual, with snap-name annotations. All are MIDI-pitch responsive, often strangely… Feed your head!


1 year ago
thank you ...
David Coffin
1 year ago
Thanks Greg:) They DID seem spot on…
Greg Killmaster
1 year ago
and perfect graphics to accompany them! :)
Greg Killmaster
1 year ago
superb! and thanks for the names that point you to the right modules to tweak!