Micro MPE Prism

Micro Prism as MPE version

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0.99 (Updated 2 years ago)
April 07, 2018
Reaktor 6


With the help of Dietrich Pank, we modified the original Micro Prism to be playable with my LinnStrument, works as well nicely with a Roli Seaboard. You would need to have Micro Prism registered, but its free anyway...


baronnet gildas
10 months ago
same here, it asks me to register. 30m demo.
Lars Daniel Terkelsen
1 year ago
I have Prism too, but I don´t know how to install this. It prompts me to open Access to register, but nothing happens. Perhaps I need to put the file a specific place? (I have put the file next to Prism, but Access does not seem to find it.) Some kind of instruction would be great.
Ricardo Villanueva Pérez
1 year ago
I have prism but it tell me that I need register it, that works in demo for 30 minutes, and it dowesn't work
Stephen Barnard
2 years ago
This is great. thanks so much for this.
Tj Shredder
2 years ago
Missing notes might happen if you set the LinnStrument for more than 8 voices, my favorite preset "Lithic Piano" doesn't need heavy pressure, I should not need any tweaks...
Bob Schrei
2 years ago
i have a linnstrument but it doesn't seem to work. It misses notes and only responds to heavy pressure on the keys. What settings are you using on the Linnstrument? Any settings within Reaktor that need to be changed?
Gustavo Elizondo
2 years ago
Nice! I also have a Linnstrument and this was one of the things I eventually wanted to be able to play with MPE.
2 years ago
Thala, it's with the same inards. The gui are different.
Thala Estra
2 years ago
gibt es eigentlich ein offizielles statement von NI, dass man modifizierte Native-Access ensembles hochladen darf? Die grosse Prism Version mit MPE wäre ein Traum ... :)
Thala Estra
2 years ago