Ghost Tone Synthesizer

Plays "Ghost Tones" that you hear but arent played.

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1.0 (Updated 4 years ago)
April 18, 2018
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This is a combination tone synthesizer. Combination tones are an amazing phenomena where two tones combine to create a third 'ghost tone' that you hear but isn't actually there. What this synthesizer does is take the notes you play on a keyboard, and never plays those notes. Instead, it plays two random notes that combine to create a ghost note of the note you played. So, you hear the notes you're playing, but theyre not there :) Do a spectral analysis and you'll see - youre just imagining it~ Its pretty amazing.

NOTE: This must be played at a loud volume for the effect to be heard.

This guy does a nice explanation of combination tones:


Doron Sadja


4 years ago
Yes, it was a Block by Jonathan Tremblay. The download counter is buggy also. I pm Mick @ NI - no answer. If I play your instrument loud got a tinitus for some minutes.
Petty Vendetta
4 years ago
Doron Sadja
4 years ago
Paule - yup! I realized that the one I uploaded disappeared for some reason... Another person mentioned that their ensemble disappeared too, so something must be wrong with the system. It also isnt showing any downloads for ensembles posted in the last week or so... hopefully it'll get fixed eventually~
4 years ago
Doron, is this the same I downloaded yesterday?