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Standing Waves Generator

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May 08, 2018
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This is a simple tone generator that will calculate and play the standing wave frequencies of your room.

Sound has a physical size to it - each frequency has a different length - and weird things happen when the length of the sound fits perfectly into the length of the room, it creates something called a Standing Wave. When a standing wave occurs, you can walk around a room and there are areas where the sound is really loud (anti-nodes) and areas which are completely silent (nodes). This synth calculates the axial nodes of the room - which are the most prominent.

You must enter the room dimensions and current temperature (marked in RED), and the synth calculates the axial nodes of the room. Rooms are not perfectly rectangular, and objects in the room can make the effect not as strong, but you should be able to find your standing wave frequency :) I built this for a recent piece ( and thought Id share it.

+ "Multiple" knobs allow you to multiply the base axial node to get extra notes that fit.
+ "adjust" knobs allow you to adjust the frequency a bit if you need to.
+ "A" knobs control the amplitude of that frequency.
+ "Slew Time" adds a slew to the Amplitude knobs of all frequencies, so you can have really gradual increases or decreases of volume.


Doron Sadja


andrew aronson
4 years ago
how dare you offer this and also give so many words to explain it. it makes me and my community upload feel inadequate. least i did have an upload. i think i closed the tab early. your fault! in all seriousness though, if you keep uploading so much magic stuff people are going to start having suspicions you are a warlock
Jonathan Tremblay
4 years ago
I remember doing something just like this years ago just for the fun of it when my professor discussed sfx and game environments.