XVoc 1.7

Vocoded sample mangler, synth, hybrid... thing

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1.6 (Updated 5 days ago)
May 11, 2018
Reaktor 6
Instrument Sampler


The ensemble consists of two (grain) samplers vocoded against each other, with an additional carrier synth available.

I have now included a (carrier) sample map in Sampler B that should be varied enough to get you started exploring. Download size has increased quite a bit with this, but it's now easier to get started and get a grasp of what this contraption is capable of.

For the best results, and the instrument to behave as intended, it's important that the samples in the maps you load have their 'Root' note set to 60, have 'Loop' ticked, and 'Release' unticked.

All controls have a simple description in their info-tip, but if anything is unclear feel free to ask.

Hope you enjoy this crazy thing :)


- Added: switch for external modulator
- Added: master tuning control
- Added: modulator targets for LFO waveform and frequency
- Added: compressor bypass switch + clipping
- Improved mod-range for Sampler A grain-size
- Fixed: random sample selection offset
- Changed: increased attack and decay values in compressors from 0/60 to 21/150
- Minor tweaks to the Sub synth-module
- Changed: smoother modulation response in Sub synthmodule
- Changed: modulation of Drive more responsive
- Added: if sample speed is 0, then the Start parameter can be used to scan the sample
- Added: 250ms "silencer" when switching snapshots to avoid "explosions"
- Added: hold/drone-mode

- Changed: separate mod amount controls for each modulator target
- Added: optional sync for lfo's
- Added: option to swap right/left in samplers
- Changed: range of pitch modulation now changeable.
Changed: title of sampler backgrounds from OSC to SAMPLER - why haven't I noticed this?
Changed: name of sampler modules are now changed so it's easier to recognize them in the sample map editor.

- Added: pan controls and modulation targets in samplers and synth
- Changed: level and filter in samplers, and carrier select, to mono processing - cpu down to around 40% now
- Fixed: randomize structure for sampler B
- Added: -24 switch to sub oscillator
- Improved slider graphics

- Added: new modulator target, sample start-point
- Got the modulation system sorted out, sort of
- Removed the extra envelope follower in the vocoder macro, not really needed

- Added: random wave selector for samplers, two modes: note on, or lfo
- Changed: sampler filter to a one-knob solution
- Added: random playback direction
- Changed: synth added to the Mix dry signals
- Changed: soften module now uses peak eq filters
- Changed: master filter to one knob, and 2-pole
- Added: two lfo's and an extra envelope
- Minor GUI tweaks

- Added unison, detune and hi-pass filter to the synth
- Added pitch bend range controls
- Added "soften/de-harsh" module, a cheap attempt at removing uncomfortable ringing by means of pitch-detection and notch filters
- Added sub-oscillator, post drive
- Even cleaner structure
- Full GUI overhaul

- Changed name to XVoc
- Updated graphics. A/B view with different colors.
- Completely reorganized front panel
- Added: chorus, reverb, echo, saturation
- Added: glide parameter in carrier synth
- Added: output scope
- Added: envelope follower (M->C)
- Added: mono toggle
- Added: mix-knob for blending in the dry signal from the samples (pre drive and filter)
- Added: speed multiplier
- Added: reverse toggle
- Added: selector to set the size of the loaded sample map
- Added: release option to samplers. Play till end upon release insted of continuing to loop
- Changed master filter to a gentler 1-pole
- Switched to a full ADSR envelope
- A bit tidier structure...

- Removed: Effects borrowed from SkannerXT.

- Initial release


Metaverb and EzFFT vocoder by Stephan Schmitt
Unison handling from SalamanderAnagrams tutorial
CorePitchDetector by Natham Ramella


2 days ago
Thanks for the free sample maps too!
Ravn Revheim
2 days ago
Nice work Paule! I have downloaded the LP-Ax-Absynth_legacy maps, some beautiful sounds there. Is it okay to include two of your maps in the ensemble and create some presets with them for the next update?
2 days ago
Taken free sample maps from here: --- http://tinyurl.com/hylygmd and realized that two albums: --- https://archive.org/details/001DigitalWolpertinger --- https://archive.org/details/002BeliceInMonsterland --- partly mangeled in your instrument
5 days ago
Richard Figone
2 weeks ago
Ravn Revheim
3 weeks ago
Ravn Revheim
4 weeks ago
Crap, i messed up with the modulation system in 1.4. A fix will come shortly.