Strick9 FX Quad Synth version 2

An ambient Synth with 4 oscillators, multi FX plus updates

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Version 2 (Updated 1 year ago)
May 16, 2018
Reaktor 5 or lower


This is my latest design and update for my Strick9 FX Quad Synth! Yes that is a black Superhero in the background image, but for copyright purposes, it shall go nameless. Im feeling very powerful so I think it is appropriate, anyway my instrument is FREE! The UI has been updated with a different color scheme and the title bars have been made larger and are emboldened. Under the hood, the Synth is now fully 64 voice polyphonic!!!! I have also added a 512 band spectrum analyzer! I have also created an auto mute in between snapshots for smoother transitions as suggested by Paule the Reaktor Programmer from Paris France!
Everything else is the same, but will add more functionality in the next update!


10 months ago
Many thanks to the builders and sound designers here. The user library is a constant delight. I used your ensemble here ( and I am very grateful for the hours of work you put into it.
1 year ago
I'm no facebook member. You can promote your snapshots here, please.
Arnold Strickland
1 year ago
Arnold Strickland
1 year ago
@Paule Im so sorry, youre right, this one I worked on in Reaktor 6, too much experimenting,... though the original one was created in 5 so my bad.. maybe will upload again in 5..)
1 year ago
Mhm, cant start your ensemble in R5 (Made with: Reaktor 5 or lower)