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May 29, 2018
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A modified version of David Forrester's 4 channel voice allocation block, turned into a 5 channel voice block, with super stable MIDI handling by Salamanderanagram's MIDI Note Allocator.

The A and B panels have different panel colors to blend with your modular setups.

V Split by
David Forrester
September 14, 2015

MIDI Note Allocator by

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Jonathan Tremblay

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Jonathan Tremblay
1 month ago
I'm not sure of the bug, but I always make sure not to be holding any notes when toggling the UNISON on/off, always making sure that nothing is triggered. I think that might be the issue.
Prry Mppns
1 month ago
This is really sweet, thank you! I'm not sure if this is a bug, but I don't quite understand why some notes gets assigned when switching toggling UNISON on and off.
Jonathan Tremblay
4 months ago
I'd have to check into it, a I know the MIDI Note Allocator can go up to 8 voices,
Stephen Lemp
5 months ago
Brilliant! Any chance for a 6 note and 8 note version? Or a version that lets you choose number of voices to allocate? Say you had 8 voices but a dial that would let you specify how many to use in the allocation routine?
12 months ago
Full moon is just passed. Now you can sleep longer.
Jonathan Tremblay
12 months ago
I finally got the time to finish the 5 projects I had been working on :D
Philippe Loiseau
12 months ago
Are you sleeping sometime ? :-)