Vari/Opto Limiter

Vari-mu limiter/compressor with opto-style detectors

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June 08, 2018
Reaktor 6
Effect Dynamics


Vari-Mu limiter with variable envelopes, a wide range of knee control and an optical detector with a few presets along with standard peak & RMS modes.

Its pretty versatile and can be fairly transparent or snappy & obivous depending on settings, and Mid/Side mode with a seperate Side input gain can make for some interesting effects.

Controls incude sidechain filters, program dependent envelope option (I think it occasionally sounds a bit "GreenBox", but I've not listened to one in a while), continously variable link control, mid/side operation and several settings for sidechain topology.

Some controls operate a number of parameters and the knee is gain dependent so can sound pretty organic, but there's a glitch somewhere; mute instrument to reset if it stops working properly (release will get quick & detector will get jerky).
Also the gain dependent envelopes & opto settings don't always work well - depends on material - they can be switched off.

Thanks to FL4TT3RY 2 and INGA for some inspiration; both really nice sounding builds, also to F4LTT3RY 2 for the basis of the envelope (I can't get my head aroung em) and INGA for the dial template

Finally it's a bit processor heavy; thats the opto-detector. I'll make a slimmed down one soon


Will Bartlett
4 years ago
Thanks David! no problem go ahead, sorry it's bin a while since you asked
David X
4 years ago
Hi Will, lovely sounding compressor! :) I used your opto-detector macro in a follower block I'm working on, just wanted to get your permission to use it..
Will Bartlett
4 years ago
I want to re-phrase last comment; "...first upload so I appreciate that" Without the "I" it sounds pretty bad sorry
Will Bartlett
4 years ago
Thanks Jonathan - my first upload so appreciate that :)
Jonathan Tremblay
4 years ago
I absolutely love Opto compressors, so this is a nice gem.