Vision Machine Rev 1

Vision Machine a simple 3 OSC Subtractive Synth

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June 08, 2018
Reaktor 6


Vision Machine rev 1

Vision Machine rev 1 is a simple 3 osc subtractive synth that I have built by doing the ASDR tutorials on the Internet (and several other tutorials) to build a simple synth. So this is basically that synth plus a few extras.

The Synth currently comes with 52 snapshots.

It is my first synth that I consider useful enough to be uploaded to the Reaktor User Library and I already did use it in production.

To use this synth first cut down the volume as some patches can be loud. I tried to balance the volume out between patches but they still can be loud.

The special shine is added by the fx section. with Chorus, Reverb, Saturation/Distortion and Delay Especially the Reverb that I borrowed from another excellent Synth in the Library called Fluffy. So credits for this Reverb go to Paul Woodroffe. The Reverb alone can make the synth patches shine alone.

In the future I want to expand this synth with a warm multimode filter and I want to add routable LFO’s to it as well as a PEG (Pitch Envelope Generator) Suggestions on how to expand are welcome as this is a learning project for me.

The specifications are.

3 Voice modes

- Poly
- Mono
- Unsion (although it should be called mono Unison)

Spread knob that well spreads ;)

Pitch Bend Range Selector

-3 Oscillators with:

- Saw, Triangle, Pulse and Noise with Waveshape selector to morph between the waves
- Variable Pulse Witdh
- Coarse and Fine tuning


- Hi Pass Filter before the main filter
- 24 DB Ladder filer with its own LFO

> FX block with serial routing
- Overdrive > Feedback Delay>Chorus> Reverb from Fluffy by Paul Woodroffe

> Main Volume with limiter

Known Bugs:

Mono Mode is not working as I want.


Kirk Anderson
11 months ago
I'm a total newbie to the technology aspect, but I really like the demo!
Catman Dude
11 months ago
Like your vision, Jeroen. Lots of potential here!
Jeroen Arends
1 year ago
Thank you Paule. Will do. For the next version I include that.
1 year ago
Go inside filter and insert an amp before output. Set level min -60 and max 0.
Jeroen Arends
1 year ago
Hi Paule Thank you. Could you demonstrate which part I have to insert. Is it the level mixer or some other part. I would like to include it in the next version.
1 year ago
For myself I insert a leveler at filter output. So the master level reduced easier.
1 year ago
Sounds good, thanks.
Jeroen Arends
1 year ago
* About the Demo's. No processing except for limiter. Drums from Logic Pro X.