Music for abandoned factories

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June 09, 2018
Reaktor 6


Long time ago, some friends and I entered an abandoned textile factory late at night, bringing a selection of drumsticks, mallets and a Sony field recorder. All the machinery was still there, fabric samples, logs etc. – As if all the employees had just vaporized in a split second and no one had ever noticed. We placed the recorder at one end of the production hall and started hammering away on random objects at the other end. The ambient effects on the resulting recording were epic. I wanted to re-create the sounds from that jam session in a synth that was in sync an somewhat in tune.

So here we are… a sibling of Kantubek, actually it’s predecessor. Once again, intended for cinematic endeavors. Percussive Industrial Ambience if you will. Does some odd drones and pads too but really, it’s meant for soundscapes, noisy percussion and edgy sequences.
Play this one with your fingers on the keys, keep the clock running and bring your own kick.

Zip file includes "MST_Plugin.png", to be used as Komplete/Maschine icon. On Win10, place in \Users\Public\Public documents\NI Resources\image\reaktor\[create aralsk-7 folder]\MST_plugin.png
Should be fully Komple Kontrol compatible, yell if you find any errors.

Dieter Zobel – One of my favorite synths in the UL is UMOX. Aralsk-7 contains 2 modified Latinum seq’s and borrows the cross-oscillator FM idea from Grand Nagus.
SalamanderAnagram – Aralsk-7 contains 2 modified Simple Arp
Sean Costello - Aralsk-7 contains a heavily modified version of his Bode Frequency Shifter

Sound Design – OreKore/ Henning Malm 2018
Graphic design – OreKore/ Henning Malm 2018

Please give me credit if you use it in any published material.


4 days ago
6 days ago
partly used oreKore Reaktor instruments -
andre cubilo
6 days ago
What !!!!!! man, this thing is pretty amazing, ugly, 1 of my best so far, impressive work really
James Wayts
1 week ago
Colin Consterdine
1 week ago
This synth is just excellent! Intrigued as to why one preset is named after a yn Ysgol Cymraeg! All 4 of your synths are great but this one is exceptional. Thank you
Brian Kraushaar
1 week ago
Very impressive, thank you.
david hicks
1 week ago
My goodness, this thing sounds amazing, wonderfully imaginative! Spang on!
1 week ago
A textile gamelan wedding happening in a factory
Pawel Spychala
1 week ago
Fantastic !!! Thank you :)
Philippe Loiseau
1 week ago
nice and thx
1 week ago
I like your ideas.