Silverwood Flute

Breath-controlled waveguide-based Western transverse flute

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July 08, 2018
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Silverwood Flute is a waveguide physical model of a Western transverse flute in C. The model includes a jet mouthpiece and a cylindrical bore with 13 toneholes which can double as register holes. It is activated by a wind or breath controller and is monophonic. Its range is from C4 to C8.

To play in tune the sample rate must be either 88.2 or 96 kHz.

Silverwood Flute is breath-controlled and without a wind or breath controller operating on CC2 or CC11 it will make no sound. I'm currently using a TEC breath controller, available at It plugs into a USB port and is very nice.

The panel controls include:
• Tuning – Octave, transposition, and fine tuning controls.
• Vibrations – Vibrato, tremolo, and flutter tonguing.
• Model – Breath response, noise amount & color, register shifting, and slur timing.
• Modulation – Six MIDI modulation busses with 43 sources and 14 destinations.

The model is an expansion of a design by Dr. Christopher D. Chafe, as described by him in US patent 5,508,473.


4 days ago
Looking great, sounding great! Thank you! :-)
Christian Huygen
1 week ago
And across the land, the piper played his magickal flute, and all who heard it said to themselves, "We are not worthy; we are not worthy." Thank you Chet!
Anto Kovačić
1 week ago
Excellent work. Thank you, Chet.
tim clement
1 week ago
Thanks Chet !!!!
1 week ago
Thank you for this gift, Chet.
1 week ago
ty Chet