Bento Box 16 Steps

Bento Box 8 Steps on steroids.

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1.0 (Updated 4 months ago)
July 09, 2018
Reaktor 6
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Bento Box 16 Steps is a fully-featured step sequencer for controlling rhythm and pitch in a patch, entirely based on the Bento Box 8 Steps sequencer. 8 more steps have been added and the interface has been somewhat redesigned.

Made with Reaktor 6.2.2, the upload only contains the new instrument.


Demetriades Panos
2 months ago
sadly its buggy ill wait for an update
Willie Lewis
3 months ago
Pitch values for step 5 and step 13 are not moving for me for some reason. Can you investigate or is on my end? I did place the ism in an ensemble connected with a clock and midi out for sequencing in Ableton.
Vueaou Vueaou
4 months ago
Chepachilo . please. connect me on , I have some question that requires conversation
Philippe Loiseau
4 months ago
nice, thank you
Willie Lewis
4 months ago
Wonderful! Thank you!