Alan 8 Log Mixer

8:2 line mixer

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Alan Log
2.0 (Updated 4 years ago)
July 17, 2018
Reaktor 6


Fixed (i think) potential DC offset on output after solo-ing.
Fixed dodgy AB modulation switches.
Upgraded solo switching to minimise clicking.
Upgraded GUI ;-)
Added saturator at output with clip indicator - mmm, distortion! Only goes into distortion when signal > 0dB.

8-into-2 mixer with pan, post fade FX send and solo.
The sends are after fader & FX sends are solo'd too!
Direct outs from each fader allow for chaining mixers and what have you.
Sends, panners and faders can be modulated.
Little blue lights show signal present.
Have fun!
V2 - may *still* be buggy & probably horribly inefficient.


Claude S.
2 years ago
I absolutely love this mixer, but it needs mutes! There is so much here that is amazing to use and automate! But muting is always something that needs VCAs, but that just adds to the CPU load.
Claude S.
3 years ago
Honestly. I love this mixer
4 years ago
I have i nice fiateure suggestion. Small buttons on each channel - autoleveller switch. Which engages autolevel function which works like sort of limiter but changes gain.
Philippe Loiseau
4 years ago
Solo function is good ! Thank you !