Six Sequence Dva

8 stage sequencer

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0.9 (Updated 1 year ago)
July 21, 2018
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Eight stage sequencer. For each stage:
- adjustable signal output (0-1);
- adjustable following stage (+1, +2, +3... random {RND} and "cycle through" {C});
- adjustable input clock divider (stage duration in clocks).
- Out = signal value;
- Gate = divided clock;
- Link = to be used with other Six Sequence related modules.


1 year ago
Hi, sorry - for the moment most of the controls are not MIDI controllable. Maybe later I'll try to figure it out.
Carlo Cerati
1 year ago
hi, I love to play with the sequencer but I can't automate the parameters inside Ableton live (Configure for outsourcing the CC automation into the Live environment)
1 year ago
You can set "jump to" parameter of the first step (second row of knobs) to "+6", your sequence will then go 1,7,8,... However if you set it to "cycle through" or pick "random", it will count through/pick from all 8 steps.
Philippe Loiseau
1 year ago
Thank you for sharing... Is there a way to use just 3 steps, for example ?