Six Sequence Dva

8 stage sequencer

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0.9 (Updated 10 months ago)
July 21, 2018
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Eight stage sequencer. For each stage:
- adjustable signal output (0-1);
- adjustable following stage (+1, +2, +3... random {RND} and "cycle through" {C});
- adjustable input clock divider (stage duration in clocks).
- Out = signal value;
- Gate = divided clock;
- Link = to be used with other Six Sequence related modules.


10 months ago
Hi, sorry - for the moment most of the controls are not MIDI controllable. Maybe later I'll try to figure it out.
Carlo Cerati
10 months ago
hi, I love to play with the sequencer but I can't automate the parameters inside Ableton live (Configure for outsourcing the CC automation into the Live environment)
10 months ago
You can set "jump to" parameter of the first step (second row of knobs) to "+6", your sequence will then go 1,7,8,... However if you set it to "cycle through" or pick "random", it will count through/pick from all 8 steps.
Philippe Loiseau
10 months ago
Thank you for sharing... Is there a way to use just 3 steps, for example ?