poly rhythm summer snaps

for FM Polynator by Doron Sadja

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1.1 (Updated 2 years ago)
July 25, 2018
Reaktor 6
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enjoy 14 snapshot banks

1.1 - add 3 demos

Three SloMo Altair-4 Demos 84 bpm
Drop-in FM_Polynator in a Reaktor New structure and connect the outputs.
Load ssf Slo-Altair-4 in an instrument area.
Paste Snapshot Automatition by Gerhard Senz and run the Midi Clock.
Record the audio.
summer_snapshots_4_FM_Polynator created with colb's snap breeder by Colin Brown.
Mutation setting 0.0075.

autoMorph (Snapshot Automatition) can't work on ensemble level because there is no instrument! pitty
There can be more morphing if Doron change the Lists to Selectors with knob positioner.
With the lot of random buttons inside the instrument the next recording with same settings may be different!?!
Thank you Doron for this awesome Ambiegarde instrument.
I prefer random pataphysicals. I decline syncros like NI Maschine.


2 years ago
Dave, I like your tune. It's like D-One (Portugal) wrote about my tracks free signature and atmospheres. --- https://www.native-instruments.com/forum/threads/sounds-com-now-also-available-in-europe.332489/page-2 ---
dave p
2 years ago
Ok, this one [ https://altazor.bandcamp.com/track/addendum-metafisical ] is the one with these snaps...
dave p
2 years ago
My mistake, I accidentally commented on the wrong upload.... but, by all means, check it out anyway if you wish. Blame it on MedWeed ;)
dave p
2 years ago
Hey Paule here's one using your snaps: https://altazor.bandcamp.com/track/lascaux they are pretty damn cool
Doron Sadja
2 years ago
Amazing! Really inspiring :) Its a work in progress, so i'll try to change it so it can work as an instrument~ Thanks!