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Gate-To-Clock utility

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July 28, 2018
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Gate-To-Clock utility, with random and shuffle controls. The output clock signal is synchronised to the internal BPM.
The FREQ knob interpolates between 5 different multipliers which each have a list of BPM synced-values (ranging from BPM/8 to BPM*4096).

- Gate: outputs a clock signal
- Out: outputs the position of the FREQ button (0 ... 1), for use as modulation source in other blocks
- G Odd: outputs the odd clock events
- G Even: outputs the even clock events

G Odd and G Even can be used to to create ping-pong style sounds. Check the included example ensemble for a demonstration.

An example demonstrating a use-case with a sequencer is provided as well.

This block uses the clock generator from the Util Clock block (INT-Clock).


v2 - 31/08/2018 :
- improved Shuffle
- added control for gate mode (4th/8th/16th ...)
- added Jitter control (timing randomness)
- minor GUI changes


Demetriades Panos
3 years ago
Lewi Glenis
3 years ago
Looks very thought out and useful thanks Joeri!
Philippe Loiseau
3 years ago
nice example ensemble :-)
Joeri Van Hove
3 years ago
@gentleclockdivider: Working on v2, which adds some improvements. Will post the update when it is ready.
gentleclockdivider .
4 years ago
feeeding it a gate of 4 from masterclock .(low bpm ) Set your block to 6 , this should spit out 6 gates over the time span of 1 beat . Not working over here