A Fuzzbox/Compressor inspired by the old Abbey Rd Limiters

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August 04, 2018
Reaktor 6
Effect Dynamics


Warm & clean, to warm & fuzzy, to bright & fuzzy, to just plain nasty

A kinda-vari-mu "clean" & pretty sweet sounding limiter/compressor with a dynamic detector (maybe a bit opto?), followed by a noisy brick wall limiter (massive gain reduction available, & can be surprisingly transparent)

Limiter controls & "Bridge" mode inspired by the TG12413, but more flexible - independent slow/fast envelope settings; "Window" a program dependent RMS setting; gives more attack control, a continuously variable release, and a "Lazy" soft knee setting, along with the original's Hold, Out & Comp/Lim - (Hold is not very similar to the original contraol, but it is not simply an input gain).

"Diode Bridge" mode uses the Clean GR signal to boost gain to a fixed threshold saturator, resulting in surprisingly musical sounding hard limiting (depending on Sat level).
Saturation, +ve & -ve feedback, a subtle filter control (Q) and a control that mixes the inverted input with the "wet" signal (-Mix), result in a wide range of tones, from warm, to bright, to noisy.

THD Mode removes limiter sidechain; Fbk, Q, Sat & -Mix are still active, giving wide range of tone control (be careful with +ve fbk - without the limiter it will get loud quickly)


3 years ago
can't get the needle to move, does some phasey stuff on "hold"
Will Bartlett
4 years ago
Thanks Sean, all comments are appreciated!
Sean Flannery
4 years ago
Nice work :)