The Sassoed Nanowave

Run Serum Wavetables inside Nanowave.

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August 05, 2018
Reaktor 5 or lower


I love Nanowave.

Along with Steampipe, it’s the factory synth I never tire of, and I’ve posted quite a few things here that include or reference it, over the years.

I’ve also spent quite a lot of that time trying to figure out how to create interesting and useable new wavesets to add to the factory ones, starting out with pointers from this old forum thread, which sadly didn’t help much, in the end:

All I ever came up with using those ideas was new samples that either were very noisy or didn’t sound enough different from the factory-map ones, once inside Nanowave, to warrant further similar efforts, no matter how different they were when captured. Or both. Still, I’ve never quite abandoned the project, returning to it often, but never yet with anything more encouraging.

When Serum burst on the scene, looking very much like a sort of Super Nanowave complete with a built-in wavetable-maker, I immediately thought I’d found my answer…and maybe it could be in wiser hands, but I’ve watched and read all the tutorials I’ve ever found for it, and for wavetables in general, and still never managed to make anything with it (or with Audio-Term or WaveEdit, either) that worked well inside Nanowave.

And then, two days ago, I was thumbing through my paperback copy of Len Sasso’s old Wizoo Guide to Reaktor, still available with all its example ensembles, here (THANK YOU, Len!):

…and I stumbled on something I’d never noticed before, presumably since I read it way before I fell for Nanowave: Len’s simple solution for making Nanowave adaptable to a wider range of sample lengths.

Of course! Fix Nanowave, not the files it reads!!

You can read it, too, in the screengrab for this upload, as well as in the pdf. Better still, he includes an souped-up version of the R3 Nanowave he was using (basically the same as the newest one, though it looks quite different), calling it Nanowave +.

Long story short, my upload here is the latest R5 version of Nanowave with Len's simple plus-a-fier tools added on, along with a new sample map with many new samples added onto the factory ones, plus two new banks of snaps showing off how well Len’s solution works to blow Nanowave wide open.

The samples I added are mostly freely available Serum wavetables, mostly from here (thank you, Cymatics!):|first-filter)=.serum;

…which turn out now to work quite well inside Nano, as do lots of other short samples. But Serum wavetables (or Falcon, or Icarus, etc.) are not just grabbed audio, but all the same overall length, plus always built from single-cycle waves, so they’re essentially wavesets, too, ideal for Nano + scanning. Not that they make Nano sound like Serum, but since they CAN be massaged into working in very interesting ways inside Nanowave (I particularly like the ones I took from the Serum Foley collection at the Cymatics site), and because there are so many of these around for free, they make a perfect resource—both reliable and huge—for further Nanowave experiments. At LONG LAST! For me anyway.
And now you, too.

I also threw in a few non-wavetable samples, notably some great ones from here (thank you, Cal!):

…I think they worked wonderfully as well.

Also, I left in the factory snaps plus a set I made way back when I first fell for Nanowave. Since a bigger map required expanding the range in the sample selector properties, the earlier snaps now usually open with different samples selected, AND since the settings for the + knobs aren't saved to any of these snaps, each time you open one, it'll default to different LEN settings based on the last new snap you were on, so they're all going to be mostly different in lots of different ways, and thus often very good starting points for new snaps. Enjoy.


David Coffin
2 years ago
Delighted to hear it Leonard:)
2 years ago
Excellent. Loaded up a couple of my field sample maps, with great results!
2 years ago
Today it's a normal warm high summer day. Change up to heat again mid next week the weather frogs told. So I can make some experiments.
Greg (Empty Vessel) Cole
2 years ago
nice one David! Thank you. :)
David Coffin
2 years ago
These free posted WTs from WaveEdit work great, too!
2 years ago
If the heat is gone I shall try some different sample maps in Nano Wave. ty David