Sequenced Granular Sampler

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0.2.1 (Updated 11 months ago)
August 14, 2018
Reaktor 6
Instrument Sampler


Grainses..... Sequenced Granular Sampler

Submission for NI Reaktor Builder's competition

Based around NI Factory Grain Sampler macro:
Two step sequencers
All assignable to any/all of 6 control parameters:
1: Position
2: Pitch
3: Grain Length
4: Grain Density
5: Jitter
6: Sample Select

Presets by:
Brett Lavallee
Nick Dwyer - Flintpope
David Coffin

Use the B-Panel - is betterer ;)


7 months ago
Love the sound of it!
Bryan Lake
7 months ago
Very cool!
Jan Heinke
9 months ago
fun to play with! thanks
10 months ago
Quite Nice
Lewi Glenis
11 months ago
Job well done sir! Thank you.
Tony Nekrews
11 months ago
Cool work Mr Elson. Thanks
11 months ago
I like Brett's snap 'Soul Sooup'. Sounds like inspired by his cats! David's 'DD11' reminds me to 1001 nights - a flute player and his snake. I see Cthulu wandering in 'COMIC HORROR' by Nick. David charming in chaos to have a quick journey, especially 1 25 touch me.
Bob Swans
11 months ago
and Thanks
Bob Swans
11 months ago
It's arrived! I know what i'm doing this evening :)
Philippe Loiseau
11 months ago
nice work here, thanks
Greg Killmaster
11 months ago
Wow! I love the results and also love this interface a lot! Thank you!