Subtractive Synthesizer

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Dario Lupo
1.0 (Updated 4 years ago)
August 15, 2018
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Update: I fixed the automation controls, they were not compressed.

Notice: it's not perfect, it's still a bit buggy and very CPU intensive. Can be improved, and I might in the future.


I've been working on this synthesizer for quite a while, started it in 2015.

It's nothing specific, just created it step by step without any idea in mind.

- 3 oscillators: 2 multi-wave, 1 multi-saw (supersaw-like)
- Each oscillator has a phaser, 2 different sub-oscillators and a "Wild" control which has an extreme effect on the sound (handle with care!)
- the multi-saw oscillator has a knob to set the number of sawtooths and a high-pass filter
- 2 filters: LP/HP/BP modes with a crossfade knob between them which can be also modulated
- There are 3 LFOs, one of them different from the others which has specific destinations including the other LFOs controls;
- 3 effects: chorus, ping-pong + tape delay, and reverb
- overdrive (works more like a guitar pedal, it's... strange)
- poly, mono and unison modes with glide and spread
- EQ boost buttons for lows, mids, and highs

PS. Since it might not be very intuitive at the beginning: to turn an oscillator on or off, there is a button in the bottom "display" of each oscillator, on the left

Have fun :)


4 years ago
Unison hint: set max on the second snapshot to 4 and min to 2 - spread to 0.2. It sound more greater than previous. Thanks for your share.