Monophonic VA Synthesizer

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1.0 (Updated 10 months ago)
August 16, 2018
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Virtual Analog Synthesizer
by Phuturetone
Version 1.0


Sound and control sources can be routed directly to audio output. Play at reasonable levels until you get some experience with the instrument.


ROUTING MATRIX is essential. No sound will be heard unless some source is routed to one of the outputs.

By default, OSC 3 FREQ is in low range (LFO). Routing KEY TRACKING to OSC 3 FREQ will make OSC 3 pitch range similar to the other two OSCs.

ENVELOOP behaves differently than a standard synth envelope. In LOOP mode, it will play constantly regardless a key is pressed or not. NOTE ON signal retrigs the ENVELOOP. To turn the LOOP OFF set the ENVELOOP REST control to maximum, the ENVELOOP will then behave more like a standard synth envelope.

REVERB FEEDBACK modification can be accessed from PANEL B.

Switch to PANEL B to:
- View OSCs & FILTER FREQ in semitones
- View ENVELOOP times in milliseconds


Anthony Lee
2 weeks ago
Ulrich Bassenge
1 month ago
Wonderful - very close to the original as far as I remember.
Rulgert Ghostalker
6 months ago
i used this synth on "Mob The Floor" my policy is to compensate for devices i use, if could be provided a paypal
Bryan Lake
7 months ago
Wow. Looks and sounds terrific!
Ulf Sundstrom
7 months ago
Amazing thanks
Winfried Sitte
8 months ago
This is aa fantastic sounding synth, definitely one for the go-to vintage toolbox... Thank you! And as Marc suggesteed, velocity control would be great - perhaps as a small knob at each oscillator?.
Anthony Palomba
8 months ago
This is simply amazing work!
Marco Tamburini
9 months ago
Fantastic gear, but what about the possibility to introduce the keyboard velocity as a controller? I know the original doe's not had, but now, on the third millenium it could be useful.
Martin Stürtzer
9 months ago
A raw beast!
Charles Capsis IV
9 months ago
Beautiful interface.
Greg Killmaster
9 months ago
this is so great and wish it could have the parameter IDs available to automate. Thank you!
Olivio Sarikas
9 months ago
Absolutely amazing build!!! I hope you update this with a collection of user sound presets. Maybe also think about a XT version that has some more functions - a scope, wave shaper, distortion and such would be awesome :)
Stephen Wey
9 months ago
Amazing thanks
Ryan Dallat
10 months ago
Thanks, sounds and looks beautiful.
10 months ago
fun and intuitive. Very nice GUI. Thanks!
Roman Smirnov
10 months ago
One of the coolest things i heard!
Tom Scheutzlich
10 months ago
Thanks a lot! We had a VCS3 at school until an ignorant teacher sold the item ... now I have it back :)
chris mckeown
10 months ago
Im already a huge fan of Phutura so Im all over this. Thank you =)
Lewi Glenis
10 months ago
Great job Sasha. I love the GUI very sharp! :o)
Philippe Loiseau
10 months ago
Beautiful in every aspect. Thank you ! PS : don't you think it could be interesting to have much faster loop times ?
S Bateman
10 months ago
This is awesome. Thank you :)
Bob Swans
10 months ago
Looks and sounds amazing, thank you!
Claude S.
10 months ago
Amazing GUI. Will play with this tonight
10 months ago
This GUI is a stunner... Can't wait to try it out