Gesture Granular

Parametric morphing granular synthesizer

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1.02 (Updated 1 year ago)
August 16, 2018
Reaktor 6


Gesture is a granular synth with 2 granular engines, effects chain and parametric morphing functionality. It allows to morph between multiple snapshots in 2D, so it’s possible to create endless variations of expressive (and not very) sonic gestures with just mouse (better with iPad, there’s also the Lemur template with all controls). It’s like Alchemy but more concentrated around experimenting with sonic variations. Effects chain is very simple but it designed with movement in mind. Hard to tweak, fun to play.

In the zip archive you can find Quick start manual, routing information and Lemur template.


Marcelo Lopreiato
7 months ago
Amazing job, thanks for sharing
Günter Pohlmann
10 months ago
such a great idea and so well executed!!
Giorgio Inzaghi
11 months ago
Thanks! Great work.
Vladimir Derevianko
1 year ago
Paule, you are welcome! You should try to relink manually, I double checked, all files must be in the folder.
1 year ago
4 samples remain missing: 7 Fire whooshes, Torch flying things phasing, Big Crackling and Different distance ORTF EXT SFX2.wav -- This is what the Reaktor info box shown. Thanks for that beast.
1 year ago